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Dear Joslyn: CNC Trimming

Dear Joslyn:

I recently received a quote for thermoformed parts and the required tooling. I was surprised to see a CNC fixture was included in the cost. I thought everything was cut by hand! Can you give me a little insight into the process and benefits of CNC trimming?

– Peg Boggs

Dear Peg:

Computer numerical controlled trimming, more commonly referred to as CNC trimming, is a valuable part of thermoforming production.

Producing a quality plastic product requires state-of-the-art forming and trimming equipment. At Joslyn Manufacturing, we program trim paths, holes, windows and more in-house to cut on one of our eight CNC routers. Then, a formed part is placed on a CNC fixture and is held in place by vacuum. The machine runs the program, and after a quick cycle, your part is ready for shipment.

CNC trimming provides the accuracy and repeatability that hand trimming does not. It automates the trim process, meaning less interaction is needed from the operator. This efficiency means your parts are produced faster and to your specifications.

In addition to trimming parts at our facility, we have the ability to cut patterns, prototype tooling and do our own CNC fixturing in-house. I guess you could say we’re a cut above the rest!

– Joslyn Manufacturing

Have a complicated trim? No problem. Send us your CAD files and our team will use them to generate precise trim paths. Our CNC routers maintain tight tolerances from part to part over an entire production run, allowing us to achieve higher throughput than with other trimming methods.

Rely on the advanced trimming operations at Joslyn to produce thermoformed plastic products that meet your standards.

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