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Dear Joslyn: Cosmetic Features

CompassDear Joslyn:

I’m exploring cosmetic options for a part I’m having thermoformed. I know there are various colors and textures of plastic available. What else can you offer? 

– Christopher C.


Dear Christopher:

Look no further! Joslyn Manufacturing can help you discover a whole new world of design options pleasing to the eye. Here’s a list of just a few options that can enhance the cosmetics of your part:

  • If you’re looking for crisp detail, then pressure forming is the way to go. Similar to vacuum forming, pressure forming applies air pressure to the backside of the part. The result is a sharp-looking part with amplified detail. Download our comprehensive guide to learn all the reasons why pressure forming is an ideal thermoforming technology.
  • Texture is another great cosmetic feature. Aside from the plastic sheet itself, texture can be added directly into the mold, giving the part a high-quality finish. You can pick a small area or cover the entirety of the part, and there are many texture options available.
  • When you want to personalize your part, you may prefer formed-in details. Recycle symbols, your company logo, part numbers and business names are just a portion of the requests we’ve accommodated. 
  • While we don’t paint or screen print in-house, we do work with a group of valued suppliers who specialize in these areas. Paint colors and textures can be easily matched and your artwork can be screen printed with ease.

At Joslyn Manufacturing, we can take your vision and turn it into reality. We’re here to help guide your project to success!

– Joslyn Manufacturing

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