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Dear Joslyn: Forecasting and Planning

Dear Joslyn:

I’m planning production of my customer orders but keep running into roadblocks. Lead times seem to be getting longer, and my customers don’t understand why. How can I explain this and help them work these delays into their purchasing schedule?

– Stan Still

Dear Stan:

Ask anyone with ties to the plastic industry (thermoformers, injection molders, etc.), and they’ll all tell you the same thing: the resin market is very unsteady these days. 

Resin producers are fighting to keep up with demand, especially since the winter weather hit Texas earlier this year. The delay in their production has caused a domino effect – less resin, longer lead times, higher costs and end users who just don’t understand. If you don’t extrude your own material, you’re at the mercy of your supplier, who’s at the mercy of their supplier. 

While you’re planning production, it may be a good idea to reach out to your regular customers, especially those who require custom materials, and inform them of current lead times. They may be able to place a blanket order or provide you with a forecast, which will help both of you plan for the future. 

– Joslyn Manufacturing

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