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Dear Joslyn: Thermoformed Plastic Parts

Pre-Packaged Sandwiches Displayed in a Commercial Refrigerator

Dear Joslyn:

What are some of the everyday products made using thermoforming?

– Justin Case

Dear Justin Case:

I think you’ll be surprised to discover that you probably encounter at least one thermoformed plastic part every day. These parts can be small, large, thin, thick and have various colors and textures. Here are a few thermoformed plastic parts you may recognize:

Packaging – containers for cupcakes or strawberries and even trays that hold parts inside of a box (if you’ve ever had to assemble a child’s toy on Christmas morning, you know what I’m talking about). These parts are usually thin and clear, and most are considered disposable.

Displays – Ever browse the cosmetics section at your local drug store? Chances are, those nail polish or makeup risers are thermoformed. These displays are typically used for the lifecycle of the product they hold and often go through a redesign as the market changes.

Automotive – Bet you never thought that the souped-up truck your neighbor insists on revving at 5 a.m. has thermoformed plastic parts on the outside. Bumpers, headlight covers and trim panels are just a few of the parts that can be produced and also contribute to the lightness of the vehicle.

Covers – Anything from translucent light fixtures to engine and battery enclosures can be made with thermoforming. Don’t stare at that light cover too long – just trust us!

Hopefully, this has helped enlighten you on some of the many uses for thermoforming. The thermoforming process offers many benefits over other methods, such as rotational and injection molding.

– Joslyn Manufacturing

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