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Dear Joslyn: What Factors Go Into the Cost of Launching a Product?

CalculatorDear Joslyn:

I just received quotes for my new product launch. I knew this process wouldn’t be cheap, but I’m still surprised by the cost. What gives?

– Penny Baggs

Dear Penny:

It sounds like you may be suffering from PTQD (Post Traumatic Quote Disorder). Don’t worry, there’s a cure! All you need is a better understanding of what contributes to the cost. Take these factors into consideration and call us in the morning.


  • If you don’t have CAD, we’ll have to create it. Sometimes this means taking a part from concept to reality or even reverse-engineering an existing part.
  • If you have a part designed for injection molding, we may need to make adjustments for thermoforming. This could include adding draft, rounding out sharp areas, etc.
  • Change requests during the pre-production or prototype phases can also add to project cost.


  • All part files need to be turned into a pattern or mold file and most parts also require a trim program.


  • It all depends on the type of tooling best suited for your application.
  • You’ll also have to consider the cost of a CNC fixture or die set.


  • Material type, color and gauge all contribute to project cost. For instance, custom colored material is more expensive than black or white, thin gauge material is usually cheaper than heavy gauge and a high flame rated sheet costs more than a sheet with a low flame rating.


Believe it or not, it costs more to run certain pieces of equipment than others. The production machine we choose is usually based on part size and order quantity.

Secondary Operations

  • Does your part require assembly? We may need to build an assembly fixture to aid in this process.
  • Assembly components, such as screws, glue and labels, add to the cost as well.
  • Outsourced operations, such as painting, will drive the piece cost higher.


If you specify that each part must be individually bagged and boxed, your piece cost may be higher than if the parts were bulk packed in a Gaylord.

– Joslyn Manufacturing

If you have questions or would like to discuss specific project pricing, please contact us.

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