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Dear Joslyn: What’s the Biggest Part You Can Thermoform?

Large Parts Blog PhotoDear Joslyn:

I’m an engineer working with an agricultural client. They’re looking to redesign their hay balers and move from metal to plastic. I have no worries on the design side, but I’m concerned we won’t find a supplier to produce these large parts. What’s the biggest part you can thermoform?

– Hugh Mongous


Dear Hugh Mongous:

One major benefit of thermoforming is the range in part size we can produce. At Joslyn Manufacturing, we can form up to 10’ x 14’ and trim up to 10’ x 15’. 

Although that may seem large, we are well-versed in handling parts of this size. We can also assist with:

  • Selecting the right material: There is a wide range of thermoforming materials that provide just the right properties for your plastic formed product.
  • Obtaining a color match: Color matching is trickier than what meets the eye. There is an abundance of colors to choose from. Here are four things to consider when color matching custom molded plastics.
  • Deciding on a texture: Texture is an important consideration when choosing which plastic sheet to use. Texture can be molded into thermoformed parts, giving the part a high-quality finish.
  • Quoting secondary operations: You envision a custom-molded plastic product with precise specifications. We can make that vision a reality using secondary operations, such as painting and die cutting.

We’re confident your customer will see a huge difference once they make the switch!

– Joslyn Manufacturing

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