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Congratulations to the Business of the Month… Joslyn Mfg., Co., Inc.

The Oldest Business in Macedonia is Celebrating Their 70th Year Anniversary

joslyn-manufacturing-macedonia-ohioJoslyn Manufacturing Co., Inc. is an industrial thermoformer specializing in the design, tooling and production of plastic components. This family owned company was formed in 1946 in Macedonia, OH. At that time, Joslyn found its niche in agricultural manufacturing and the tractor seat business for local farmers. Fast forward to the early 1970’s and Joslyn made a progression into plastics thermoforming. Operations began in a 5,000 square foot facility and over time has expanded to 105,000 square feet. Joslyn is currently being run by 3rd generation of family members - brothers Bret and Brian Joslyn and has approximately 40 top-notch employees.

What is thermoforming? Also referred to as vacuum forming, it is a method of manufacturing plastic parts by heating a plastic sheet, forming it over a mold using vacuum and trimming it to create a usable product. Joslyn’s 10 thermoformers are capable of forming from .010” - .500” thick materials and sheet sizes up to 168” x 132”. With both heavy gauge and roll-fed inline thin gauge equipment, they have created a unique presence in the industry to meet every need. They have 5 robotic CNC routers and 7 thin presses. They offer a number of different value added services, including assembly, to enable them to best meet the needs of their customers.

Thermoforming is one of the most versatile and economic processes available for fabricating plastic parts. Initial project costs are usually much lower and lead times for tooling and production are generally much shorter than other processes. They can accommodate a variety of different types of plastic some of which are ABS, HIPS, HDPE, HMWPE, PP, PVC, PETG, and Kydex.

For more than 35 years they have created innovative thermoforming solutions for multiple industries, assisting in materials selection, part design and more. Joslyn supplies industries including medical, building, toy, display, recreational, automotive, transportation, dunnage, OEM machine components, and specialty applications. They have the experience and expertise to deliver the solution at the very best price. Bringing ideas to life is an incredible satisfaction for Joslyn. They maintain a focused effort on process improvements and company re-investment and welcome challenging projects and opportunities.

We thank Joslyn for their commitment to Macedonia’s Business Community!


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