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Dear Joslyn: Quote Requests for Thermoforming Plastics

Dear Joslyn:

As someone who handles new quote requests, I often find myself interacting with people who aren’t familiar with thermoforming. They tend to know what they want, but don’t know what they need in order to get it. What’s the best way to get the information I need in order to quote while educating potential customers on our thermoforming processes?

– Helpless in Seattle

Dear Helpless:

It can be challenging when tasked to quote something you know little about. What can be more challenging is obtaining the information you need to move forward. Below are a few tips to help with this process:

Be Kind – Imagine walking into a bakery to buy a cake. The baker needs to know what kind of cake you want so they can give you a price. Now imagine the baker being rude to you because you don’t know the difference between buttercream and whipped cream. Unfair, right? The same goes for your customers. They won’t always know what they need, so it’s up to you to ask questions and make suggestions, all while being as polite and professional as possible.

Be Honest – If the project isn’t a good fit for thermoforming, if the design is a major cause for concern, or even if the quantity is not something you’re comfortable quoting – tell them! Customers are more likely to be upset if they’re led to believe they’re getting one thing but given another. By letting them know what to expect from the start, you’re saving them and you from unnecessary confusion.

Be Brave – Don’t be scared to make suggestions or ask the customer to compromise. If they aren’t familiar with your processes, they may not realize what is required to make it happen. Asking for what you need is the only way to give the customer what they expect.

– Joslyn Manufacturing

Quality plastic molded components require proper thermoforming technology. Find answers to all your plastic thermoforming questions by visiting our FAQs page.

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