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How to Have a Successful Product Launch

A successful product launch takes careful research, planning and measuring. If executed properly, you can leave a lasting impression on your customers.

From design to logistics, Joslyn Manufacturing will work with you to ensure consistent, high-quality products that meet your specifications, delivered on time at the best cost. We are proud of our reliable, proven processes, as well as our versatility and innovation when helping customers create their most challenging products. 

Learn how to launch your product successfully by considering the following tips.

Joslyn_Successful-Product-Launch_infographicFor more information on how to ensure your product launch is successful, continue reading.

1. Provide the Most Current Information


It’s beneficial to have a CAD file or a 2D print for reference. CAD files allow us to rotate the part and inspect all dimensions, sometimes finding features that are not conducive to thermoforming. 2D prints not only give dimensional information but can provide material specifications, hole locations and tolerances, among other information.

Critical Dates

When we are aware of your timeline, we can work with you to agree on a time period that meets your needs and is also feasible for us. When do you require production? This information is helpful in scheduling production upon sample approval. We advise you of general lead times from receipt of purchase orders and can use this information to prepare for upcoming orders.

Critical Dimensions

Sometimes critical dimensions are not listed on the 2D prints. If there is a design feature or critical component to your part, such as hole locations, we need to know so this can be considered when making tooling and material decisions.

Contact List/Shipping Preferences

We will need your important contact information and shipping preferences so that we can communicate with the necessary people when required.

2. Plan Ahead and Consider

  • Tooling Lead Times: Depending on the type of tooling, the design-to-sample phase can take 6-8 weeks. If you require samples in a few days, we may be unable to offer a quote. When we are aware of your timeline, we can work with you to agree on a time period that meets your needs and is also feasible for us.
  • Material Lead Times: We take the material specifications back to our supplier to obtain pricing and lead times. If you’re unsure of the best material to use, we can guide you in the right direction based on the application.
  • Revisions: This will add to the length of the estimated timeline.

3. Communication

Let us know right away if something needs to be changed or isn’t right, or if everything is approved to move forward. Furthermore, submit all requests in writing, especially when design changes are involved. Send pictures or a marked-up part when a CAD file or updated print is not available.

Joslyn helps you envision, create and achieve your goals. We have the expertise to help create innovative solutions in multiple industries and can aid in material selection as well as part design. Have additional questions about how to structure successful product launch campaigns? Contact us today.

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