Thermoforming Equipment List

We create with state-of-the-art forming and trimming equipment

Thermoforming a quality plastic product requires sophisticated, industry-leading forming and trimming equipment. You’ll find it in Joslyn Manufacturing’s 105,000-square-foot facility.

Our machines can form a range of light- to heavy-gauge materials, with thicknesses from 0.007" to 0.500" and sheet sizes up to 180" x 132". All of our thermoformers have PLC controls with touch screens to facilitate precision programming and ensure the highest reliability.

Heavy Gauge Forming

  • Rotary thermoformer sizes up to 96" x 72" x 20" deep
  • Single station thermoformer sizes up to 180" x 132" x 24" deep

Light Gauge Forming

  • In-line formers for thin gauge material sizes up to 38.5" x 50"

5-Axis Trimming

  • 5-axis CNC trim station sizes up to 180" x 120" x 36"

Additional Trimming Equipment

  • Die cutting presses up to 250 tons
  • 3D printer for prototype parts and low volume production tooling

To learn more about our forming and trimming equipment, or if you would like to speak with one of our plastic thermoforming professionals, please contact us today. 

Joslyn Manufacturing Professional Operating Thermoforming Machine
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