Thermoform Tooling

We create thermoform tooling in-house to ensure the highest quality at a lower cost

Tooling is the most important factor in manufacturing a quality thermoformed product. The right tooling can produce crisp lines, edges, texture and other detailing that stays consistent from piece to piece.

Ideal tooling materials

Joslyn Manufacturing designs and builds tooling to ensure your thermoforming products are crafted from the best molds and save you time and money.

Thermoform tooling is created out of:

  • Machined aluminum. The finest tooling for thermoformed products is a temperature-controlled mold machined from a block of aluminum. Products made with aluminum tooling are dimensionally more consistent and stable. Tolerances can be held to industry standards. Also, plates can be made with small vacuum holes along a detail area to evacuate air. Because porosity is minimal, products can be crafted with more detail and texture.
  • Cast aluminum. This tooling can be less expensive than machined aluminum, yet produces consistent parts with minimal warping. Cast aluminum requires more vacuum holes, however, which limits texture choices.
  • Engineered composites. For preproduction samples or very short production runs, molds made from engineered composites are the most affordable. They’re also the easiest to modify as you fine-tune prototypes. Parts made from engineered composites can help test the design and refine forming techniques.

Adding details

Joslyn thermoforming experts will consider all details of your product when designing tooling, including:

  • Draft angles—to remove parts smoothly from the mold
  • Undercuts—which can vary by gauge of plastic
  • Corners—including blending radii and preventing thinning of material
  • Holes, and cutouts—some of which can be designed into tooling to minimize trimming later

Easy redesigns

Tooling used for thermoforming can easily be changed to create different configurations or models in a product line. Replaceable inserts can add new styling features, logos, openings or other variations.

That flexibility also means it’s simple to modify tooling when it’s time to redesign or update your thermoformed products.

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