Thermoforming Applications by Industry

You envision thermoformed plastics for your industry’s unique need

Thermoformed plastic products in many instances can have a lower tool cost and quicker-to-market process than injection-molded products. That’s a huge advantage for some markets.


Common Thermoforming Applications


Doors, drawers, covers, drain pans


Panels, seating parts, dashboards, bumpers, bed liners, floor mats, headlight covers

Consumer product

Shower enclosures, totes, packaging (blisters and clamshells)


Housings for CRTs, touch screen, liquid crystal, flat panel or plasma displays, point-of-purchase displays


Instrument panels, housings with EMI/RFI shielding, housings with thermal, acoustic or other insulation


Enclosures of diagnostic equipment, battery covers, ambulance interior components

Office product

Enclosures of business machines, bins and trays


Playground equipment, marine component parts, enclosures of exercise equipment

If your manufacturing teams are planning to replace metal components with plastic, Joslyn can help ease the transition. Or if your company has been unsuccessful with using thermoformed plastic parts, we can evaluate your applications and recommend a more effective approach.

Joslyn experts are ready to help customize thermoformed plastic products that satisfy the unique needs of your industry.

Plastic Playground Equipment is One of Many Thermoforming Applications
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