Medical Thermoforming

Medical Thermoforming Solutions

Thermoforming is widely used in the medical industry for medical component parts and medical equipment enclosures. At Joslyn Manufacturing, we create custom, high-quality thermoformed parts that are used as medical equipment enclosures or covers for mechanical or electronic components in medical devices and equipment.

Some of the device applications we produce thermoformed medical components for include:

  • Battery covers
  • Ambulance interior components
  • Enclosures of diagnostic equipment

Materials used most often in the medical thermoforming process generally have characteristics such as high resistance to impact, chemicals, stains and are flame resistant.

Thermoformed Medical Packaging & Medical Device Components

Joslyn Manufacturing supplies component parts for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of medical devices and diagnostic equipment, such as MRI equipment, blood analysis equipment and X-Ray equipment.

Medical OEMs rely on us to provide them with cost-effective plastic packaging solutions that meet their specifications. Whether your devices need thermoformed medical trays or plastic enclosures, we can help you envision, create and achieve your thermoformed medical device component goals.

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