We Create

We create a thermoformed product that exceeds your vision

Once you’ve envisioned—and Joslyn Manufacturing has helped refine—your perfect thermoformed product, it’s time to bring it to life.

Joslyn’s Create stage involves thermoform tooling, plastic sheet molding and trimming that give your product detail and style.

First, the prototypes

Joslyn builds tooling in-house, which means we can provide you with prototypes and other preproduction samples quickly. If needed, we can easily adjust tooling until prototypes reflect the precise product you expect.

Ensuring quality

After prototypes are approved, we begin vacuum forming or pressure forming your products to specifications. We do each step with precision, down to the trimming and secondary operations, such as painting and die cutting.

Joslyn is UL and ISO certified, assuring you that our operations meet the highest standards. And our extensive quality control procedures ensure those standards are reflected in each piece we manufacture.

Combining proven process and innovation

Joslyn has been creating real-world–ready products since 1946. We stay true to the proven operating methods we’ve relied on for three generations.

However, our tradition has always been to incorporate the right materials and the most modern equipment with the leading techniques. Our combination of dependable processes and innovative technology helps us create the best-quality thermoformed products.

Vacuum Formed Plastic Part
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